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Discovering and Building Romance

We provide therapy, counseling, and workshops in churches and other settings. 

People often come to us who

           Lack self confidence or are overly confident

               Do not have a strategy for selecting a romantic partner

                   Have difficulty starting or participating in conversations

                        Have a pattern of selecting poor partners or abusive partners

                              Have difficulty communicating effectively. 

            NLP and EFT therapies are especially effective in changing the patterns listed above. 


Topics important to our clients include:

               Where and how to meet a romantic partner. 

                      How to build trust with a new person or when trust has been betrayed

                              How to select a healthy partner.

                                   How to Develop a New Relationship,  setting and maintaining boundaries.

                                         Improving your Communication Skills


We also provide: 

Pre-engagement Counseling for those couples who are considering marriage.

Pre-Marriage Counseling for couples who have decided to be married and wish to learn how to build a successful marriage.

Weddings.  Rev. Tallman can perform  weddings at the location of your choice. He can assist in finding a church for you to be married in.  You do not have to be a member of a church to be married by Rev. Tallman.


Please call us at 303-369-8877 to discuss your interests or concerns. There is no charge for a fifteen minute initial evaluation discussion on the phone.



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