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Healing Fears (Phobias)

Fears are especially well-suited to treatment using NLP, EFT, and EMDR techniques.  Therapy involves discovering the cause of the initial fear, the unconscious purpose behind the fear in the present, and what will life will be like after the fear is gone.  Then the appropriate techniques are used to help the patient reprogram their brain to dramatically reduce or eliminate the fear.

Here is a listing of some common fears which we can deal with quite effectively:

    Fear of  Flying                                                                       Fear of Heights

            Fear of  Water (Swimming, boating)                               Fear of Leaving the house

                  Fear of Public Speaking                                                     Fear of Open spaces   

                       Fear of Confined places (claustrophobia)                      Fear of Elevators

                              Fear of Snakes, mice, spiders, etc.                                  Fear of Driving a car


The following are more complex and may require more therapy than the above:

        Fear of Failure        

                Fear of Poverty       

                          Fear of Success        

                                   Fear of Commitment  or Fear of Marriage

We specialize in Brief Therapy.  Feel free to call us at 303-369-8877 to discuss your concerns. There is no charge for a fifteen minute initial evaluation discussion on the phone.






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