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Our Approach to Change is Holistic and Integrative

Western medicine has provided us with longer lives and eased our aches and pains.  However, we believe that medications are too quickly prescribed for emotional and psychological issues.  Mood altering medications often mask the symptoms, leaving the underlying unconscious issues festering forever.  We seek to avoid the use of mood changing prescription medications whenever possible.

We draw from a multitude of disciplines in providing healing for our clients.  We do NOT  primarily use the medical model of disease which is popular today in much therapy.  We prefer to concentrate on a client's strengths and to use these strengths, including their Christian Faith,  to help them live in more creative and productive ways. 

We believe that acupuncturists, chiropractors, nutritionists, herbalists, and persons skilled in teaching us proper exercise can all help us to live healthier lives,

We provide therapy using traditional methods of therapy and recently discovered techniques including NLP, EFT and EMDR.

The majority of our clients are successful in their careers and relationships. We help them to become even more successful through the therapy process.

We believe that many  diseases have their origins in the mind.  By changing our thinking we can improve not only our emotional health but also our physical health.

What is NLP?

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a science dedicated to understanding the conscious and unconscious programming we all have.  Once we are clear about how a person is programmed, then we assist them to change that programming to achieve the changes they desire.

What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Techniques are  used to reduce the pain caused by past events.  It is often called "tapping". It is especially useful in quickly reducing the pain from childhood and adult abuse.  It is similar to acupuncture without any needles.  You are taught to find certain pressure points on your face and arms and how to tap these with your forefingers.  The results are absolutely astonishing when applies to Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome,  phobias, and habitual smoking.





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